The Scientific Advancement Of Genetic Engineering Essay examples

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When it comes to genetic engineering this saying comes to mind most disagreements are cause by different perceptions that create different realities. There is so many ways to viewpoints to technology that leave the question is there even a right and a wrong to the scientific advancement of new genetics. Truth is no matter what your stance is on genetics you cannot believe the best thing to do is have the scientists should stop the development or to believe what they 're doing is completely okay. Society tends to make a reality to what they assume is what the consequences will be while the scientist and government try to make a different reality. Genetic engineering have potential to perpetuate our disparities, the role responsibility and knowledge play in technology, and how our economic and social stability is being affected.
"Even modern medical science has demonstrated how crucial affection is for human beings, especially during the first few weeks of life." (Dalai Lama 137) with the advancement of cloning I notice they are not caring about the basics of even being a human. How far does their morals go since we need affection from the very moment were born, what effect will it have on a cloned person who is created out of a lab with no love or affection and only going to be needed for parts. The technology to know what your baby will have such as diseases isn 't really needed if they find a way to cure them.
We live a society that already have bully and body shaming…

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