Essay about The Science Of Science And Religion

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Science is an important subject that people should study, and it’s implemented into our educational system. America has made significant growth in the understanding the scientific in the world in fields such as Biology, Astronomy, and Physics. We know that science tries to prove theories through experimentation using methods like the scientific method. Over hundreds of years, religion is still in conflict with science, and they are also the informing opposition of each other. Science focuses on the hard facts while religion is based on the ideas and beliefs. We all have our own opinions and beliefs about science and religion in America. In the Philosophy of Science and Religion, they are incompatible with each other, since science focuses more on the visible world while religion focuses more on the invisible world. As a student, it was mandatory to take science through our education system, in order to graduation from school or college. In Karl R. Popper’s “Science as Falsification”, the purpose of the article was to distinguish between “science” and “pseudoscience.” This was also known as the “problem of demarcation” that Popper wants to point out. He basically states that Marx’s Theory of History, Freud’s psychoanalysis, and Alfred Adler’s so called “Individual Psychology” were pseudoscience–posing as science. In addition, he claims that he was dissatisfied with these theories because of how doubtful their claims are to the scientific status, and how they have…

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