The Science Of Drug Abuse And Addiction Essay

1056 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
Cocaine is defined as a “crystalline alkaloid, obtained from coca leaves, used as a local anesthetic and also widely used as an illicit drug for its stimulant and euphorigenic properties,” this is the definition of cocaine, according to Cocaine comes in two forms, a powdered or a rock crystal form which it’s called crack to differentiate amongst them. When you want to obtain more knowledge of this drug through online sources, its basic information found to vary from websites to articles unless more research is done. And there are some online sites that elaborate more on the concerns and the effects of cocaine. Furthermore, depending on the author’s educational background, knowledge and their research, are the readers able to receive accurate information on whichever topic or in this matter an illicit drug. There were two websites with different approaches towards conveying material in relation to cocaine. One website created through the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a research organization that its main focus is the science of drug abuse and addiction. Their informative articles cover many questions that the general public has on an established drug in comparison to an article source that provides valid data with less elaboration mainly for advertisement treatment and recovery clinics such as Sober Nation’s website.
NIDA explains solely the effects and clarification of this drug meanwhile Sober Nation gives briefly the reasoning for a lot of similar…

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