The Science Of Addiction And Addiction Essay

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Not everyone who takes an opioid develops an addiction because we each have factors that either can be protective or lead us on the path to addiction. Factors that can lead to addiction are called Risk Factors for Addiction.
A person wth many risks factors is more likely to develop adiction than someone with few risk factors. Further, we are far from knowing all the risk factors for addiction, and in the end we cannot predict with any measure of certainty who will or will not develop addiction.
The science of addiction is in its infancy. Our escalating epidemic of opioid addiction verifies that what we know is just the tip of the iceberg. Still, we do know some of the risks. A fair number are well established, others require further study to verify their accuracy.
Genetic Risk
Genetic risk refers to family trends, sometimes called “runs in families.” A child born into a family with generations of relatives with addiction may acquire genes predisposing to addiction.
Genetic risk account for about one-half of the total risk of developing an addiction.
Assessing for genetic risk is not an easy task. A detailed medical history and gene testing can be helpful to uncover genetic influences. As an example, genes located on chromosome 17 of our DNA increase the risk for addiction (
And to complicate matters, social factors, such as peer pressure and poverty, can influence gene activity in ways we are now just beginning to…

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