The School Of The New York System Essay

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Education has always been a big part of the New York System. The state is known for having some of the best schools in the whole nation. Public School provides students with a wide variety of lessons that can help students develop socially, emotionally and cognately. Private school provide their students with ready for college courses and a freedom to pursue their own form of studies. The debate for which is best is a very common one among parents. Both forms of institution provide great benefit for their students but also have many disadvantages compare to the other.

The first school in New York was built in Holland in 1585 by the New Amsterdam settler and the West Indian Company. The “school” was inside a school master and/or minister home. It was the first school in the nation opened to all social classes. “the first effort to build a school-house were made in 1642 but the financial difficulty were so pressing that the funds collected were again and again diverted to other uses” (Boeses, 12) the settler tried to build a permanent building for students to attend school but due to financial problem like going to war with the native Americans they had to put it off until the British arrive. Private schools were also built for the children of the wealthier members of the community. It was a requirement for schools to have two licensed teacher that not only taught reading and writing but also religion. As the children got older they were taught how to follow in their parents…

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