Essay on The School Of Public Policy Committee

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Dear the School of Public Policy Committee, In the fall of 2010, I started my undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria, with the goal of completing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. This decision was based on my initial interest of human development and social interaction. Throughout my university career, I explored a variety of different courses from a philosophy course on logical reasoning to a history lecture that detailed the development of magic in England. This diversity led to a self-realization that I wanted to predominately take courses that explored social nature. In social psychology, I examined the complexity of social context, investigating social nature through this lens encouraged me to broaden my scope. This led to my decision to pursue a minor of Anthropology, which allowed me to explore sociality through a different perspective. My foundation in social psychology focused on understanding how people deal with their participation in society through the formation of social bonds. My minor in cultural anthropology complemented this understanding by analyzing how social interaction and experiences merge to form society as a whole. These two sectors of social sciences collectively narrowed my direction to social issues and ethics. The following will detail why I have decided to apply to the Master’s of Public Policy program at Simon Fraser University by explaining my journey through academics, work experience and personal growth.


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