The Schemes Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay examples

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Books, there are many types of books out in the world. Some are fiction, others are nonfiction. There are short books and long books, but they all share one commonality, schemes. There are many schemes to a book. Books may be similar in ways while they may differ in other ways. One book that contains many schemes is “Hamlet”, by William Shakespeare. Each scheme in Hamlet is similar. For instance, each time you enter a new scheme, there is always someone plotting revenge or trying to find out the answer to a mystery. As soon as you start reading the book “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare you notice that there are already schemes brewing. In act two scene two of “Hamlet” there is a scheme that is constructed by Prince Hamlet to find out if King Claudius is responsible for his father 's death. This scheme is put into action after Hamlet finds out that his father was murdered. Hamlet finds out about this tragedy after coming in contact with his father’s ghost. With such alarming news, Hamlet at first does not know what to do; he does not even know if he should put his trust in this ghost. So Hamlet comes up with a scheme to see if the ghost was actually his father 's ghost or if it was the devil dressed up as his father and trying to deceive him “We’ll ha ’t tomorrow night. You could, for a need, study a speech of some dozen or sixteen lines which I would set down and insert in ’t, could you not?” (2.2.157-9). His plan is to perform a play in which King Claudius will attend and…

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