The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay

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Destiny is a funny and cruel thing isn’t it? How no matter what you are destined to be, someone will always be there to drag you down, to make you think that you are wrong. This is, in a perspective, what the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is about. Hester’s destiny was always to end up as Pearls mother, to be shamed in front of her town. Her destiny was always to have that agonizingly beautiful scarlet letter pinned to her breast. Her guilt did not come from destiny, no it came from the ridged society she lives in. It came with one night, one mistake, came a lifetime of public shame. But should she really feel all this guilt? Should the people of Boston force it on her? Now, with the way that the novel is set up, Hester has seemingly been dealt a bad hand of cards from fates deck. This bad luck seems to be present in the first few chapters of the story. Hester had the bad luck of no husband in a time where a woman was nothing without a husband. She had the bad luck of falling for a man, who was not her husband, and becoming pregnant with his child. She had the bad luck of doubting her own daughter’s legitimacy of being something other than human. Was this always to be her destiny? To have the constant presence of bad luck? Some would say yes, but others would say no. Hester took a turn after her humiliation; she was going to craft a better life for her, and her elvish little daughter. She took her destiny into her owns hands in a way, and quite literally crafted…

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