How Is Hester Alienated In The Scarlet Letter Shunned

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The Scarlet Letter Final Essay The Scarlet Letter is a book written by Nathanial Hawthorne about a woman who commits

Adultery. Although Hester is shunned for sinning, Hester is also alienated after committing

Adultery because the town’s people’s morals are wrong, Hester’s morals are wrong and she is shunned

For committing this sin. Hester’s thoughts and actions cause the people of the town to dislike and

Alienate her. Her morals are viewed as wrong to the community.

Hester is alienated after committing adultery because the town people’s morals are

Wrong, for shunning someone for committing a sin. After committing adultery with

Dimmesdale the town forces her to go to prison and stand on the scaffolding for the whole town

to see and mock
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Hester’s actions cause people to force her away because of her

sin, yet no one seems to realize that every one of them has sinned. Hester was well respected

and now should be outwardly shunned for committing this sin.

But if you ask yourself aren’t the townspeople’s morals and thoughts in the wrong area?

The towns’ people are the ones shunning Hester for sinning. Forcing someone away that

obviously needs help, so aren’t the townspeople alienating themselves from someone who has

her thoughts and morals in the right place? If someone is in need of help don’t leave and alienate

them because they are in need. The townspeople seem to forget that

everyone sins, some are bigger than others some are less severe but we all sin.

Hester should not be shunned for sinning yet the people of the town do. Hester is sent to

Jail and publically humiliated because of a sin. The townspeople are the ones who should be

punished for their brutality and their ignorance. Hester’s thoughts and actions are in the wrong

place according to the people yet the peoples thoughts and actions are wrong according to

Hester. Even though Hester is shunned and alienated she stays humble and

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