Essay on The Scarlet Letter And Young Goodman Brown

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When examining The Scarlet Letter and “Young Goodman Brown,” there are similarities and differences in regards to how Hawthorne presents and tells of witchcraft and Satanic influence and activity. For starters, the forest is perceived to be the center of satanic activities, and it is the place where townspeople go to meet with the devil in both stories. There is also an overall recognition and acceptance of the existence of witches by all of the characters mentioned in the stories. However, there are multiple differences that arise when examining both of Hawthorne’s works. The first difference is found in the name that is used to talk about Satan. In “Young Goodman Brown,” he is called the devil or he of the serpent, whereas in The Scarlet Letter Satan is referred to as “the Black Man.” Nevertheless, the presence of Satan in both stories is unquestionable. However, despite his constant presence and Hester’s and Goodman Brown’s unforgettable encounters with him, the main characters both manage to resist completely succumbing to the devil and his wishes. For Hester, the moment when she committed adultery was when she had her initial meeting with the devil that changed her life from then on, and the, “…scarlet letter is his mark!” (Hawthorne, Scarlet 120). After her first and only meeting with Satan, she refused to give in to the temptation of meeting him again because she had to look after and properly raise Pearl. Similarly, Goodman Brown refuses to go any further into the…

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