The Safety Of The Worker During Working Time Essay

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The issues raised for this case is about the safety of the worker during working time. As mention in the case, this mines worker was taking an alcohol in a large amount during working hour. This worker were used to drink during the lunch time. It is very an unethical manner. They can be an alcoholic and loss their cautious during working time. It is very dangerous situation either for the worker himself or other workers. As we know, working in mines area had a lot of dangerous and the possibility for an accident to occur was very high. The workers in this area should maintain and practice a safety procedure in order to prevent a big accident from happen. Even thought, Jack had mention that these workers were used to drink and the effect of alcohol toward them were less than those who less used to drinking regularly, but as a responsible and ethical worker, they should know that drinking during a working hour may cause an accident to occur.
Other than that, the second issues rise in this case is about Jack behaviour whose take unserious toward the safety of his worker. He seem like underestimate toward the danger that may happen when his workers consume an alcohol in a large amount. Even though he knows about this problem, he did not take any action to solve this problem. It became more serious when he also support the action of taking alcohol during working hour and also convince other person like Sarah to join.
As an engineer, Dr. Sarah Smith should use the first code…

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