Essay The Safety Of The Seaworld

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In 1973 SeaWorld opened its doors, but little did we know 41 years later it would make 1.377 billion dollars off the brutalization of the animals that they use for show. SeaWorld’s continued abuse of not only orcas but all of the other captive animals has resulted in psychological damage to them and from that deaths and injuries to the trainers and personnel which could have been prevented.
Tilikum is one of the most famous whales and the most dangerous in the SeaWorld fleet, at 12500 pounds and 22 feet long Tilikum is the largest orcas held in captivity. We can trace the physiological behavior of Tilikum back to when he was captured in 1983 at two years old. From a 1976 court ruling SeaWorld could no longer use their previous orca capture location off the coast of Washington State, so they immediately moved focus to the coast of Iceland (Blackfish). A timeline from SeaWorld of Hurt depicts the tragic story of Tilikum, who was captured at the age of two off the coast of Iceland in 1983. For his first few years of captivity he was held in a cement holding tank in an Iceland marine zoo. Only able to swim in small circles and float aimlessly at the top of the water, far away from the extensive ocean where he had swam 100 miles per day. Tilikum was finally transferred to Sealand of the Pacific, a preforming park in South Oak Bay Canada he would stay in his thirty-five foot deep pool for six years, Tilikum was described as “Eager to please, and well behaved” (Blackfish) by his…

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