The Rover By Aphra Behn Essay examples

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The play The Rover by Aphra Behn is unique in the fact that it was written in the seventeenth century where Behn, a woman, was looked down upon and not thought of as an equal to men, wrote a successful play in a time of a male dominated theater and acting. In The Rover, Behn accurately addresses delicate issues of that time such as men’s and woman’s rights, and duties and privileges in a society where male dominance was taken for granted. It is seen many times throughout the play where women are referred to as nothing more than just prostitutes or assets of pleasure. Also, there were several instances where themes like rape were promoted in that society where most people ignored it and turned a blind eye to it happening. Behn depicts her female characters as self-determined agents in love relationships, rebelling against social customs and restrictions concerning their gender. Although the title of the play is The Rover, and “The Rover” is Wilmore, the play is more about the women and their roles than it is about the males of the play and was written to humorously target societal issues of that day such is male dominance and gender roles of people. Aphra Behn’s The Rover is composed of two main themes that are present throughout the story. The first is marriage and the second is gender and gender roles. Because The Rover ends in three marriages, this theme is very important throughout the play. Although much of the play dealt with prostitution and rape, three wild men…

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