The Roots Of Prejudice And Discrimination Essay

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Onto a little more clinical view two specific views shall be delved into. The first of which would be threat , a good way to present this is through definition “It primarily concerns fear that our group interests will be undermined or our self-esteem is in jeopardy” (Baron, R.A. & Branscombe, 2012) which means that people hold prejudice when they feel some threat to their group or self-esteem. So why is this? The reason for this would most likely be because since it threatens their self image and their way of life then it no longer leaves them secure in their life , they may be afraid that it could cause a break down and then lead to change. Another theory of the roots of prejudice is realistic conflict theory “The view that prejudice stems from direct competition between various social groups over scarce and valued resources” (Baron, R.A. & Branscombe, 2012) .
Experiments and Data There are many different studies and tests based on prejudice and discrimination , it can be hard to figure out what is valid at times though since the nature of the subject makes it hard to do it in a lab setting meaning one must settle for field tests. First of all we have multiple subjects based on the different types of discrimination that have already been presented throughout the paper. First off we have the earlier section which presented a test which involved the price of a new car someone got depending on their race. This article not only presented this but a few other…

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