Essay On The Rookie

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Case presentation The movie that I have chosen this signature assignment is “The Rookie.” This particular movie is about a man who loves baseball growing up as a child. His father was in the military while he was young and they move from place to place. This young boy would get on the baseball team at school and his father would pay little attention to him and what he love to do and that playing baseball. The father never went to any of his games and he was very sad about that. One day the young boy went to his father to tell him about his game and the father gave little attention to what he had to say. The father told his son that they would have to move to a place where there was no baseball in Texas. The young boy realizes that they were in the middle of the season. The young boy move along with his family to Texas where there was no baseball. The young boy grew up feeling resentment toward his father for not taken …show more content…
The son respected his father and realized his role in family hierarchy. I conceptualized that his father being in the military, that there were some strict military standards within the framework of the family. The complex patterns of the family hierarchy could have the determining factor for the parents being divorce. But the movie did not go into that area, the main focus was on the son and father. The son had a better relationship with his mother than the father. The assessment strategy to the strategic therapy model is to clearly define the problem and find out from the father and son what have they done to try to resolve the issue. Also, elicit reasonable goals from both father and son then reframe it into one agreed upon goal while assess sequence

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