Essay about The Romantic Era Of Romanticism

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fascinating era of Romanticism emphasized the emotional and spiritual representation of the unattainable ideal. It was a very nostalgic grace of past ages and predilection for exotic themes. We all know that seeing is more important than hearing. Back then sound was extremely important and detailed realistic sets were not the norm. The orchestra seats which had up till then been the cheap seats became more valuable. The upper galleries were the cheapest. Audiences especially in the upper galleries were loud and vocal. The scenery in theatres during this era included drops, flats, ground rows, cutaway flats standing free on the stage floor, and carefully all realistically painted (Brians, 1998).
In regards to costume design during the Romantic Era; it was indeed romantic! The early stages of this era served as a transition period between the former Empire style and the new Romantic style. During this period, the waistline was dropping and skirts became fuller. Skirts were typically gored- or cut in an A-shape with the narrowest part of the skirt being placed at the top and the fullest part of the skirt at the bottom. Dresses with ornamentation were favored- especially at the hemlines and sleeves. The influences of Romanticism brought forth fashion trends from the past- such as neck ruffs, slashing (the process of cutting away fabric to reveal what is beneath), and a variety of medieval sleeve styles (Thomas, 2014).
In regards to the way the stage was set and the kind…

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