The Roman Goddess Of The Gods Of War Essay

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Venus and Minerva were and still are two of the most well-known goddesses in ancient mythology. However, one could say that based on the most famous stories, these goddesses are known for being very different. Venus the roman goddess, also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology, is recognized for being the goddess of love and beauty. She is said in many stories to be the most beautiful and desired by all. Minerva (or Athena in Greek) on the other hand, is identified as the goddess of wisdom and warfare. She is sometimes compared to be a wiser and less blood thirsty version of Ares, the god of war. The two glaring features of Ernesto Gazzeri’s statue are the warlike helmet and the flaunting of physical features. Based on the lack of iconography associated with Athena, Ernesto Gazzeri’s statue is of Aphrodite/Venus. While the battle helmet may suggest a portrayal of Athena, it is actually a relic of Aphrodite’s hidden war-like side, while the hyper-sensuality of the statue makes it an indistinguishable representation of Aphrodite.
Minerva was acknowledged for her wisdom and combat skills instead of beauty or sensuality. Ernesto Gazzeri’s statue goes against what Minerva is known for by showing off Athena’s body. Both the breasts and stomach are shown instead of featuring amour or weaponry like in most Minerva/Athena statues. When looking at a large collection of ancient Athena statues, almost all of the statues depicted the Greek goddess both wearing a helmet, and having her…

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