Globalism In District 9

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District 9 and The Globalism District 9 is a movie described an extraterrestrial race landed on the Earth, which created tons of social, economic and ethical conflicts. The pivotal role is Wikus Van De Merwe, who is an agent accidently exposure to the alien biotechnology and becomes the only person who perfectly combined the alien genes and human’s. In this film, the settings are creative, the aliens become the disadvantaged party due to illness, and human beings become the privileged party who is trying to exploit them and utilize their technologies, especially the biotechnology weapons. Hence, lots of companies and governments want to discover how to control the alien weapons due to its extraordinary and extreme power. Because of this factor, …show more content…
At another level we need to take into account changes in awareness, ideas, ideologies and norms that influence societies in various regions of the world” (p.36). Same as the ideas these scholars clarified, District 9 also has displayed the conflicts and changes in these two separate levels. The first level is a concrete level which people can see and perceive it, for instance, the major conflict in District 9 is about the alien’s biotechnologies weaponry. And in order to get the weapons, people has set the weapon market, which is the most essential and impressed market in the film. In the markets, the suppliers are the aliens, and humans (gang members) become the consumers. Aliens are exchanging their weapons for cat food which they are obsessed to, and the gang needs to restore weapons to enhance their military power. Beside the weapon market between the aliens and the gang, another underlying market also plays a critical role in this film, MNU, on the superficial level, is the societal organization which in charge to evict the aliens, but more important, it is the secondary largest weapon manufacturers in the world. The company also consumes the alien weaponry, but instead of exchanging, they confiscate the weapons through the eviction. The consumptions happened in the film are unusual, since the consumers (the gang and MNU) did not really consume the products, because they cannot use the weapons. The impulse drives them to buy is the high potential values those weapons have. Although the use value of the weapons is zero at present, once humans have discovered how to control it, the use value of these products boost. In a word, the consumptions in the movie illustrate our consuming behaviors, consumers not only pay

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