The Role Of Women Under Christian Religion Essay

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Before race began it was thought women were property of men. In the history was so based on that one statement, it did effect the outcome of American history. America was mostly western Christian influenced, values and rules were practice throughout the country. In the bible it stated women are helper of men and so. There is reason women can’t be pastor or a priests of the church. But what are the roles of women under Christian religion?
The beginning in Genesis, it explain how God created life and the earth. He established everything for only good reasons. God wanted something to rule the sea of creatures and on land too. So he created men, Adam named every creature. God stated Adam shouldn’t be alone, so he created women, Eve. All this happen on the sixth day. God demand Adam and Eve, they had all the fruit and cattle they can eat but not the forbidden tree, it was the tree of knowledge of good and evil and guaranteed they will die from eating it. After she ate the fruit, Eve gave some to Adam. They both realized they were naked and cover themselves and hid from God, because they knew he will be anger. That’s when God realizes they ate the fruit, God cursed Adam, Eve, and the serpent. To Eve, Adam was cursed to eat fruit, he needed to grow food him selves. They both left the Garden of Eden. People can take this and see why women are to be seen second. Eve was second to be made, taken out of Adam rib and was created. How Eve disobey God by eating the fruit and led the…

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