The Role Of Women In The Renaissance

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Much of?the current debate revolves around?the origin of the modality system upon which the roles of both men and women were based. Almost all the gender based issues and classic stereotypes related to men and women throughout history up to now find their origins in the classical period and were then either adapted or rejuvenated in medieval and Renaissance periods. Some of the issues that were addressed were women?s speech, women?s participation in politics, and what characterizes feminity itself. One can only wonder, how did the social transitions and enlightenment ?new ideas about rights? affect women at the Renaissance? How did the agricultural revolution in Britain for example affect women? How did the commercial revolution affect women? How did
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Yet, they lost their status compare to medieval women. For they were regarded as ornaments to the middle classes or upper classes. Additionally, there were also some sexual double standards, as women were meant to remain pure until marriage whereas men were permitted to quench their sexual desires even before getting married. To name but a few, some of the most important Renaissance women were for example Christine De Pisan who was extremely educated and probably considered to be the first European feminist with her book ? The city of Ladies?(1405). Then there is also Isabella d?Este who set herself as the first example of women to break away from their traditional roles as mere ornaments to their husbands. Her writings were considered to be a window on politics and courtly life at the time. And last but not least Artemesia Gentileschi who was the first female artist to gain Renaissance, also regarded as the first woman to paint historical and religious

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