The Role Of Women During The Renaissance Essay

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During the Renaissance women had no voice. They were under the control of their parents before marriage and by their husband after marriage. The responsibility of a married woman was to her husband and children, although occasionally she could run the salon that her husband owned. Gertrude and Ophelia in Shakespeare are portrayed as an Elizabethan woman. Women’s lives were administered by their parents- such as the parents determine who they will marry. “These women were coerced and controlled by the men in their lives.”( had more rights as a single woman than a married woman. “When women married, their personal property rights were taken away and given to the men” ( The women had a very insufficient role. They were only supposed to be seen, not heard. Every idea the women came up with the husbands will carry it through in their name. “They were legally owned by the husband” (
Just like today there are many different classes and in each class there are different roles. In the low class the only thing the women did was take care of the house, and the children. The working class would work for the husbands mostly in the salons, in addition to taking care of the children of course. The final class is the high class who had servants but was still in charge of the house.
All the women relied on the men, Ophelia always listened to her father and brother. After Laertes gives Ophelia advice to be careful about…

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