The Role Of Tituba In The Crucible

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Tituba also knew that if Betty did not get well soon, she would be blamed for her illness.
While Rev. Parris was sitting on the bed with Betty, guests started arriving at his house. Among the guests were Rebecca Nurse, Corey, John Proctor, Ann Putnam, and Thomas Putnam. These guests had come to Parris home because rumors started to spread around concerning Betty’s condition and some people of the town said that her condition was caused by witchcraft. As Tituba welcomed the guests, she hoped that they would not make a big deal out of it and think of out call witchcraft as the cause. More than anyone else in Parris’ home, she is the one who tried to keep the talks about witchcraft silent. She did this because she knew that the people of Salem
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When Ann Putnam found her in the kitchen, she grabbed her and took her to the bedroom, and immediately she stepped into the bedroom, Abigail pointed at her and blamed her for practicing witchcraft. At this point, Tituba was confused, as she remembered how she only practiced the ritual when begged by Abigail. She was even more shocked when Abigail did not stop with the witchcraft accusation but continued claiming that Tituba sends her spirits on her in church and makes Abigail laugh at prayer, and also sends her spirits to Abigail at night and makes her dream corruptions. She also blamed Tituba for Betty’s condition saying that Tituba made Betty drink the blood from the …show more content…
It hurt Tituba to know that Betty was only pretending, because she was so worried about her condition and because Betty knew of Abigail’s character of constantly accusing Tituba. Tituba could not fathom why Betty did all of this knowing that the consequence might result in Tituba being killed through hanging as this was the custom in Salem. Although accused, Tituba was still honest and open. She denied the witchcraft accusations and revealed that Abigail is the one who begs her to practice witchcraft. She also said that Abigail was lying, but this made Abigail accuse her more. Mister Hale believed Abigail more than Tituba because Tituba was only a black slave. It was normal for Salem people to discriminate against black people, especially slaves as they were seen to be on the lower social hierarchy. Suddenly, Putnam started talking about hanging Tituba for witchcraft.
After killing in Salem for many years, Tituba knew that her best choice was to confess to witchcraft. She knew that by confessing, she will escape the punishment of hanging as this was the custom in Salem. At this point, Tituba was demoralized she, therefore, chose to embrace social conformity in order to save herself. She realized that she had nothing left to save her. People who she thought of as family members, Betty and Abigail had betrayed her. As the last resort, she confessed to having seen the devil and the devil begging her

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