The Role Of The Cincher In The Caribbean

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The waist cincher is an undergarment that has gone in and out of style over the years. Well, it is back in style a bit because it can redefine the look of your midsection. You just have to understand what it does, how it does it and what it does not.

A waist cincher is a device that essentially squeezes and moves the weight in your midsection around. It is often worn under clothes to create a sleeker look or more of an hourglass profile for a woman. Through the years, cinchers have been made from whale bone to more modern plastics and fibers. Ah, the lengths we will go to for a nice body shape!

So, how do these cinchers actually work? In the old days, the cincher was placed around the midsection and then drawn tightly using straps off of the cincher. The idea was to cinch the waist down to a hand span to give the woman a regal look. The problem, of course, was this tended to be very uncomfortable. It was even spoofed in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie when Keira Knightley was cinched into a new dress to the point that she could barely breathe. She eventually collapsed, falling off a high wall into the ocean where Johnny Depp's character saved her.
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They tend to be one piece of cloth that is work in two different ways. In one version, you slide the cincher on like panties. They then ride up high above the waistline, effectively squeezing you down to a smaller size. The second approach involves placing a stretch cloth across the back and clasping it in front much as you would do when putting on a bra. You can adjust the clasp areas to get the tight fit you are looking for on that

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