The Role Of Science On Our Mental Health Essay

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Science has proven that strong non-sexual relationships are vital remedies for our mental health, however with our fast paced busy lives, who has time to form these bonds? Pygmalion Relations friend bots are designed specifically to become a perfect candidate for your next best friend, completely hassle free and designed to fit your specifications. These products can be used for anything from accompanying you in a game of catch to assisting you overcome social anxiety. Some of the most highly acclaimed psychologists have even incorporated these devices into their practice for assisting patients in becoming more active and confident members within their community.

Professor Schneebly, Psychologist at North Side Clinic, Sydney
I 've been using the friend bot for a year now in order to assist my patients overcome any mental illnesses from general anxiety to PTSD and it has shown to be extremely effective. I find when none of my clients are experiencing improvements from neither medication or our therapy sessions the customisable friend bot seems to show some miraculous results. The first time I used this product was on a patient that showed minimal progress with her social anxiety and after spending a full month with the friend bot she was almost cured. It even allowed how to make actual human friends! She still asks if she can come in to visit the friend bot we assigned her hahaha.

Genetically Designed Pets
Did you ever think man 's best friend could get any…

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