Essay on The Role Of Religion On Government Laws And Decisions

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The Role of Religion in Government Laws and Decisions The role of religion in the government is very important. At least that was the case many years ago. But now however, it pains me to say this, it is can be considered unconstitutional due to America being one big melting pot. To make laws perfect in the eyes of one religion, also possesses the ability to make the same exact law biased to one religion because it contradicts another. People immigrated to the United States to further better themselves and the future of their family. Not to be discriminated against because there is a huge chance that might be the reason they escaped their homeland. For example in Burma there is “racial cleansing” going on in which people are being killed by their own kind. Also in Africa where genocide is also occurring throughout the entire continent. Much like the policy of apartheid in which the natives and the newcomers were segregated. The first stage of genocide is classification, this is when a law is passed through the point of view of a one group of people in which they deny another group of people the ability to practice or complete a task. This is where former U.S President George Bush was in the wrong to step in this discussion and make the topic of government funding of stem cell research about religion. He was right to make it about morality because again, people need a reminder whether what they 're doing is right or wrong. But to bring up the topic of religion was…

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