The Role Of Love And The Tonll Of Hate Analysis

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The Role of Love and the Toll of Hate As discussed in the past several classes, rhetoric is mostly about the “Skill in using language effectively and persuasively” (Keith & Lundberg 3) whereas pathos is the “emotional state of the audience, as produced by a speaker or speech” (Keith & Lundberg 39). Martin Luther King Jr. expressed his feelings about love during his London speech to the Christian Action Group on December 7, 1964. Throughout the speech, King discusses the Philosophy that motivates non-violent protests against segregation. In this speech he focused on convincing the audience that love is a powerful tool of persuasion and that we should work against segregation through love and eliminate the hatred towards others. In his philosophical …show more content…
Many of the strange things that happen in the subconscious, many of the inner conflicts, are rooted in hate. (King)
Not only is King addressing the fact that hatred is a dangerous force, but he is also conveying to us through these words that hatred is the root of many problems. More importantly, not only does hatred hurt others but it also hurts yourself and it makes a way for conflicts to arise. Hence, King is persuading us, humans to avoid hatred for others in order to avoid further conflicts. In conclusion, during Kings London speech, he used rhetoric to get across the idea of how love can be used as a powerful tool of persuasion and how hatred causes damages and suffering for others. More importantly, his main purpose of the speech was to convey to his audience how love can be used to work against segregation and make a better place to live. King makes it clear that in order for one to use love to work against segregation, he should understand that love is what calls for a better world, which can be found in everyone and that you should not love one another expecting anything in return. This concept can be applied to the Black Lives Matter Movement that started in 2012. As they continue on with this movement, the organizers and the people should take into consideration what Martin Luther King Jr. said in his speech. While fighting for Black lives, they shouldn’t have hatred for other races and they should understand that only the skin color may be different, but the love and affection that underlies in each of us is the same. As a final point, they should make a social change through love and not

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