The Role Of Love And The Toll Of Hate Essay

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The Role of Love and the Toll of Hate As discussed in the past several classes, rhetoric is mostly about the “Skill in using language effectively and persuasively” (Keith & Lundberg 3) whereas pathos is the “emotional state of the audience, as produced by a speaker or speech” (Keith & Lundberg 39). Martin Luther King Jr. expressed his feelings about love during his London speech to the Christian Action Group on December 7, 1964. Throughout the speech, King discusses the Philosophy that motivates non-violent protests against segregation. In this speech he focused on convincing the audience that love is a powerful tool of persuasion and that we should work against segregation through love and eliminate the hatred towards others. In his philosophical speech King talks about the similar type of affection that dwells in one’s heart. As he starts to speak about love, he quotes a poet and states “Fleecy locks, and black complexion cannot forfeit nature’s claim; Skin may differ, but affection dwells in black and white the same” (King). Through these words, he makes it clear that affection dwells in all of our hearts regardless of our skin color. He proposes that this affection should be used not to segregate amongst each other, but to link together and create a better world. In King’s persuasive speech, he wants us to think more than just about our skin colors, rather he wants us to consider each other’s feelings and affection. In addition to that, King conveys to his readers…

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