The Role Of Li ' L Bit Because She Can Obtain The Physical Appearance

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Sarah Hyland would be perfect for the role of Li 'l Bit because she can obtain the physical appearance this character requires. Hyland has the ability to portray a young, adolescent girl and an adult, mature woman by simply altering hairstyles, clothes, and through the use of makeup. For example, she is suppose to represent a juvenile 13 year old girl during a photoshoot with her uncle. However, before in another flashback she needs to act the part of a thirty something year old woman on a bus ride to Upstate New York where she meets a teenage boy. Moreover, she has the beauty and attractiveness to make men be attracted to her. Also, due to her godly good looks people assume she can not be intelligent. Image
Ryan Reynolds would be cast in the role of Uncle Peck because he has the physicality to portray a young, attractive male. Reynolds exterior makes it appear as though he has the capability to carry the personality of a nervous, loathsome man who has an alcoholic problem and develops inappropriate feelings toward his niece. Furthermore, his role as Uncle Peck would demand for several emotional transformations and depth. For instance, in the scene where Li 'l Bit rejects his marriage proposal, his character would require him to transition from a upbeat mood to a depressed state of mind.
Jack Nicholson would play the role of Big Papa, Li 'l Bit 's grandfather, in my production of this play. I have chosen Nicholson because he has the physical appearance of…

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