Gangs In Society

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Gangs offer a twisted sense of love by telling its members that they have to take part in criminal activities and put their lives in danger for it. As gangs evolved throughout the years the level of violence and crime has increased dramatically; they have become a serious cancer in our society. It has stripped the family unit and a sense of community. No longer are young people focusing on their true value and worth but their focused on destroying one another. Gangs have become a detrimental issue in society its members are being abused, killed, and sometimes stripped of their future.
Gangs originally started in Europe during the 17th century and after the American Revolution in 1783 they moved to the United States. In the beginning it was
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The gangs that were created in the Midwest and the West coast thrived but the Northeast did not. Around the same time the civil rights movement was taking place many of these gangs agreed and participated with the Black Panther Party and the U.S. Organization.
On the West coast gangs were started by Mexicans. Unlike New York and Chicago street gangs in this region consisted of young Mexican men, Mexican palomilla (a “male cohorting tradition” (Sage Pub)), and boy gangs that were created in the inner cities of Mexico and Los Angeles. Many children came to the United States for a short period of time then moved back home to Mexico, where they introduced the gang life to other Mexican children. According to Sage Pub those same children, later moved to America already knowing and participating the American gang
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The gangs in New York City was able to grow because, “(1) social disorganization in slum areas, (2) the establish¬ment of greengrocery stores, and (3) the involvement of politicians in street gangs.( Sage Pub)” In New York City the gangs were able to thrive because they created their own safe and secure environment in a chaotic place. Gangs used the greengrocery stores as a front, but used the back rooms where the liquor was cheaper than going to a saloon. Others would worked at saloons, dance halls, and dives. They would offer their service of guns, drugs, alcohol, murder for hire, and protection. Many politicians realized how much street gangs can be a help to them. The politicians would buy greengrocery stores, saloons, and dance halls for exchange of protection from the street gangs. According to Sage Pub the politicians would pay the gangs for their loyalty and the gang members would intimidate any political opponents and scare off any unsupportive voters from voting. Gangs were allowed to do whatever they want because the authorities believed that that is how people who grew up poor behaved.
By 1855, New York City became a the most corrupt city. The reason being is that gangs controlled the city, many government officials allowed the gangs to do whatever they want because most of them were in or affiliated with a gang. The police were completely powerless and would be beaten severely

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