Essay On Mexican Gangs

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Hispanic gangs began forming in California during the early 1920s. They started as loosely knit groups banding together for unity and socializing in the barrios (neighborhoods) where the same culture, customs, and language prevailed. Gang members were male youths ranging from 14 to 20-years-old. Property crimes such as burglary, strong-arm robbery, and vandalism were their crimes of choice. They were very defensive of their barrio, and they would protect it with a vengeance. In our readings, they talk about barrios and the zoot suits which all tie into the Mexican gang life. A lot of young Latinos join the gang because they grow up around it, it is what they see and are around every day in their lives. Just like in a video I watch about Gang Life, Isaiah Arroyo "Cholo" stated that he was around it his whole life. He saw them being respected and carried themselves as they were better than everyone. He said he wanted the respect that they had and be like them. The Mexican gang seems to portray that they have everything going on for them; girls, money, cars and pretty much the finer things in life. In 2011, Hispanics made up 46.2% of the gang population. That was more than Whites, African-Americans, and all …show more content…
The increasing migration of Hispanic gang members that follow the pathways. The general Hispanic/Latino population in the U.S. is also changing the traditional concentration of Hispanic gangs in specific regions of the country. Certain family characteristics such as involvement in illegal activities, drug use in household, incarceration histories, and neglected parental supervision among Hispanic/Latinos are an integral part of the social profile of gang members. This is understandable in light of the strong cultural influence of "familismo" on Hispanic/Latino identity and

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