The Role Of Friendship In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

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Human beings rely on the satisfaction of others. Human beings have been gifted with reason, from this they think about their actions and how that might affect others. In Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle examines the role that friendship has in life. His analyzation leads to concepts of human beings not being able to survive without friends and the fact that there is a friend for every person. Humans are beings that want love and affection from another person; the first person that a human meets when they are born is usually their mother. The child feels a warmth and a sense of belonging and through that they are able to gain emotions. These emotional boxes that appear during infancy are longing to be fulfilled at every stage of life. …show more content…
Aristotle gave a plethora of different examples of how a friendship can benefit the people that partake in it. Friendship acts as mutualism, both parties benefit from the relationship. A person who gives love is overjoyed in the act of giving, while the other is elated in the act of receiving. A person’s purpose is to fulfill happiness and to be happy is for one’s soul to be in accordance with virtue. Friendship helps line up the accordance to virtue (Aristotle 185). A friendship of utility is predominantly seen in people who crave attention due to them being a dependent person. A friendship of utility provides comfort through fulfilling the needs of necessities. That is why the elderly are more inclined to have friendships fostered on the basis of utility. As long as a person declines in age they are more dependent and a bond can form between someone helping them mobilize or helping them to understand their self and the world around them(Aristotle 166-168). A friendship of pleasure is caters to people of a young age, on behalf of the passions of young people, “…they live according to passion and most of all pursue what is pleasant to them and at hand…” (Aristotle 167). Through these passions they are able to fulfill their cravings of erotic love and other cravings that come with maturing at a younger age. A friendship based on goodness is due to people being in their

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