The Role Of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Essays

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Government role
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has allocated Rs.75 crores for manufacturing and faster adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in 2015-16. Government is also building a scheme to encourage sales of EVs and hybrid vehicles in India, which involves an investment worth Rs. 14,000 crores.
As seen in the table, government needs to subsidize the extra expense by consumers over petrol cars if they want to boost the electric cars and hybrid car market. The subsidy will be a proportional between the costs of fossil fuel required for running a car as against that of a hybrid or an electric vehicle. The Department of Heavy Industry has suggested that customers who choose hybrid vehicles that can run up to 15kms at one go should get benefit of 25 per cent and owners of pure electric vehicles should get a maximum subsidy of 35 per cent.
The Government of Delhi is also contemplating offering a subsidy to those who wish to switch to electric cars by adding a special conversion kit in their car. Government is also working on the installation of public charging points. But, no official announcement has been made about this subsidy yet since it is still in a nascent stage.

Hybrid car: Boon or bane?
So ultimately the question boils down to what are the pros and cons of hybrid cars.
Many people are aware of the great mileage that a hybrid car provides, but people are sceptical about its performance still now.

Clean Energy: An electric motor when combines…

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