The Role Of Canada During The 1950s Essay

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The Important Role Canada Played On the World Stage During the 1950s and the 1960s
Despite the fear and horror of a possibly devastating nuclear world war, the 1950s and the 1960s was a peaceful, prosperous time period for Canadians. During this time period, Canada successfully established its own distinct identity as a young, fast-growing nation. Consequently, Canada played an important role on the world stage during the Cold War, because Canada was engaged economically, politically, and provided important military aid to countries in need.
Firstly, Canada was involved economically in numerous trades worldwide and participated in the International Markets. After the second World War, Canadian Forest Products were very popular. By 1950, Canada supplied over half of the world’s newsprint. This proved that Canada was a substantial export country on the world stage. At that time, technology was not yet advanced and only few people could afford to buy a television set. Hence, the majority of people still relied on newspapers, magazines, or posters, to obtain information. By producing and delivering the newsprint, Canada was in charge of the flow of half of the world’s information. Furthermore, Canada provided enormous amounts of agricultural products, such as wheat, and many different types of minerals, such as nickel, iron, and uranium. Without Canada’s rich abundance of natural resources, countries such as the United States, who were running short of natural resources, may…

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