The Role Of Bullying In Nursing

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Bullying is a topic that is often in the news. Everyone has at some time in their life felt the unwelcome attention of a bully. According to the Pacer National Bullying Prevention Center, “one out of four students report being bullied during the school year” (2016, para 1). The role of the public health /community nurse is not only the protection of children from bullies but also determining a solution to the nationwide epidemic of bullying. Public health nurses need to be on the forefront in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs designed to eliminate the negative effects of bullying and other health related issues in the community.
Bullying is a worldwide epidemic that can cause depression and even suicide in
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The community make up is 80% Caucasian and 20% Latino. There is a 10% risk of premature births and a neonatal death rate of 50 per 1000 births. Psychological factors include the lack of political voice of the minority community. Sociocultural factors include the high level of poverty in the community. Additionally, the low level of community education. The lack of availability of prenatal health care and primary health services in the community is an issue that needs to be adequately addressed to promote community health. Nursing diagnosis that can be attributed to this population is deficient community health. This community is underserved and needs better access to the health care. Additionally, the town’s two major industries which are copper mining and chicken farm are sources of environment pollution. There is a high likelihood that the community‘s water source is polluted by the mining by-product and the runoff from the chicken farms. The three most important health problems facing this community are tuberculosis, high infant mortality rates, and disabilities derived from working in the copper mines and on the chicken farms. These health disparities would disapportionately affect the poorest segments of community. The other members of the health assessment team would not prioritize these health problems because it would be possible that some members of the assessment could be held responsible for causing the health problems through their

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