Essay on The Role Of Animation And Special Effects

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Prior to the 20’s, film had slowly expanded from an experimental technology to a widespread form of entertainment. Thomas Edison’s assistant William K.L. Dickson was the inventor of a motorized camera that could record motion. Once he tested it and finalized it in 1892, Edison began setting up parlors where interested viewers could pay to watch 20-30 second videos, mostly of dancing groups and battle scenes. Inspired by this, the European film industry began with Auguste and Louis Lumiere. The two brothers created a portable projector that they brought all around Europe, charging per viewer. In both Europe and the United States, other inventors saw the opportunity to pioneer in a developing industry; companies with new technology started appearing and competing for viewers. This technological race led to longer movies, better resolution footage, and the development of animation and special effects. When the audience for these films grew, large occupancy movie theaters were opened so more people could watch movies at the same time. This increasing demand for films and the continuing race for better technology pushed companies to move to California, where the weather was consistently sunny and there was an excess of cheap labor on the coast. This began what is known as the “Golden Age of Hollywood,” drawing in directors from Europe as well as all over America. These American and British filmmakers had a different approach to the technology from the European directors.…

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