The Role Of A Manager As An Organisational Behaviour Concept Essay

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The role of a manager is an organisational behaviour concept that has a contradicting debate going on between theorists and academics. Some thinkers say that the role of a manager should be to control their employees whereas others say that a motivational style of management would be better for the organisation. This piece will examine the argument in more detail by concentrating on authors with different points of view and why they believe their opinion on the role of a manager is correct. Then I will focus on why this debate exists and whether or not there is a best way to manage employees.

Heavey et al (2011) investigated the best way to enhance employee performance. To test whether trust of managers leads to employee commitment and whether employee motivation contributes to performance two surveys were completed. The study discovered that trust does lead to commitment and that motivation is linked to performance. Heavey et al (2011) spoke about the desire for employees to be committed to the organisation as this would mean they would be connected with organisational goals and willing to exert effort to achieve these goals. Heavey et al (2011) also concluded that trust and commitment help towards achieving motivated employees and that motivation is the biggest contributor to organisational performance.

The views of Heavey et al (2011) are in contrast to bureaucratic theorists that would say exercising power and control is the best way to enhance employee…

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