The Role Of A Foreign Finance For Every Individual Essay

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Economy plays an important role in the personal finance for every individual. Personal finance is how individuals make investment choices to gain wealth, and it will helps to understand economics, so we know how economic conditions impact our investments such as stocks, and bonds. In 2008, when the economy crashed, everything got effected especially the automotive industry and real estate market. The unemployment rate was the highest it’s been since the Great Depression. This situation effected everyone including me.
Government Role
Public finance is when the government pays for the services it provides to the public, such as, schools, roads, social security benefits, and many more. Every year we file our taxes to the government through the IRS. "Tax and Spend" is what we have, and what we want as a nation, yet not to take away from the productive motives and efforts of our people. Although the government collects thru taxes, it still spends more. Government plays an important role in our personal finance, and planning. Financial planning is highly affected by the government and its rules and regulations. The federal government imposition different taxes on sales and income of the individual which affects the personal financing of the individuals.
For the government to restore economic stability, policymakers must focus on restoring the institutional role of governing. Governments providing a stable environment for the economy to grow, so it can depend upon to maintain…

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