The Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe Essay

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Robinson Crusoe is a novel written by Daniel Defoe in 18th century England. Defoe illustrates the struggles of Robinson Crusoe as he fights to survive on a deserted island for twenty four years. He writes about how a man goes out on the open seas, in search of fame and fortune, instead he escapes pirates, meets a Portuguese captain, travels the world and then becomes stranded on a deserted island. While on the island he has to find food, shelter, and water. After years in isolation he learns there are savages on the island and has to find his way off of this island. With the help of a savage and people he frees along the way he escapes the island. The story, Robinson Crusoe, clearly displays the belief in English imperialism as well as its benefits to society. Defoe shows us a picture of imperialism in 18th century England. How the people of England and Europe “each surveyed the world in its own manner with soldiers, scientists, merchants and missionaries, shared the common perception of the “Other” on the basis of the presumed cultural superiority of the “Self".” (Stuchtey 6) This is one of the keys to Imperialism, In England they used this to invade “savage territories” and take control of its ruling government. One of the reasons for Defoe’s writing of this novel was to show the benefits of imperialism. Both in England as a whole, the Englishmen who traveled the world, and the “subjects” who lives would become better by being ruled by England. ”In…

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