The Importance Of Opposition To The Revolutionary Revolution

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The opposition by the colonists was not due to something simple nor was it an easy decision; it was something that was bound to happen such as a form of nature. The anger, grief, and pain that the colonist felt from the taxation it was a burden given by the English government; this sparked a change in the colonist to fight this unjust and achieve independence. Their tactics were considered of being “English”, but at times they fought like an “American” they gave everything to rebel against the rule of the king and parliament.
This was not simple things that riled the people, but instead a series of laws that passed between 1761 and 1775 that regulated trade and increased taxes. This was the starting point for the colonist to take action against
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It was these instances that lead the British government to pass the Currency Act in 1764 which meant that the colonist could not make their own money. This made it more difficult for the people to pay their taxes and debts. In doing this the British are in doing so fueling the fire in the people to start the revolution and declaring their independence. The troubles did not just stop for the people as time passes a new tax was created and that was the “Stamp Act” and was proposed by the Prime Minister Grenville himself. This law would require colonists to purchase a government-issued stamp for legal documents and other paper goods. This in its way the Prime Minister Grenville is fueled the hatred of the colonist to start a revolution. It was when the “Stamp Act” reached the colonies’ passed regulations denying the tax on the colonies just like an “Englishmen”, but that was not the end. Then came the colonist who fought like “Americans” in Boston, colonist rioted and destroyed the house of the stamp distributor. The tension between the colonist and England was …show more content…
This caused many colonists to be enraged and boycott the English goods considered to be the spirit of an “Englishmen”. The colonist would have none of this would later be famous protest that will stay in the hearts for years to come and that was the “Boston Tea Party”. In 1773, American colonists disguised as Native Americans and boarded the East India Company ships in Boston Harbor and threw crates of tea overboard; this was the spirit of a revolution, change, and the spirit of an “American”. The British were outraged they were losing face in the colonies and losing money in the process at this time the British took action against this lost. In this process the English called for reinforcements in the colonies to stop this rebellion. The die was cast and America declared their independence and no turning back only victory was allowed. On the night of April 18 the “Shot heard round the world” was the signal for

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