The Road By Cormac Mccarthy Essay

1012 Words Nov 1st, 2015 5 Pages
Many characters throughout some of the most famous and brilliant novels cannot be identified as the “good guy” or the “bad guy.” These characters intentions and actions create this confusion, making them morally ambiguous. An example of this moral ambiguity can be found in The Road by Cormac McCarthy with the use diction. The father is the character at play, in which his decisions are controversial. The father’s character causes doubt in his morals when he justifies why he has kept his son alive with the use of diction. The man in the novel will do anything for his son in order to keep him safe, even if it means risking himself. The father does this because he needs companionship and he believes his son deserves a life. However in the beginning of the novel, the mother of the boy is trying to convince her husband into dying. She justifies this decision in proving that if they were to stay alive, they would face horrors such as rape and cannibalism. The father allows the mother to kill herself while the father and the son continue to strive. The father 's intentions as to why he chooses to stay are unclear. Either he is keeping his son around for his own benefit, with the hope of a better future or both. The way the text is written allows many perspectives to be analyzed. On one side, the father is keeping the son around solely for another person to be with him, but on the other side, the father is attempting for the son to have a positive future. The characteristic of the…

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