The Road By Cormac Mccarthry Essay

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In Cormac McCarthry’s novel The Road, the man, who believes God has entrusted him to protect the boy from the evils and dangers of the world, is in a constant struggle between life and death. McCarthy depicts the man as a hardy character with a sensitive side towards his son. The man, struggling to survive for the sake of the boy, is ruthless, suffering, and protective. If he is pushed to his limit, the man can be ruthlessly violent. For instance, he and the boy were hiding behind an embankment from the roadagents. One of the men, who needed to use the bathroom, came upon them. The man aimed his pistols to fire at him, but the roadagent quickly moved and “grabbed the boy” and “came up holding him against the chest with the knife at his throat” (66). The man offered to let the bad man go free if he lets the boy go. The man threatened him, saying, “You think I wont kill you but you’re wrong” (65). The roadagent refused to free the boy; and the man shot him in the head, covering the boy with the man’s gore. To protect his son, the man is willing to go to a great degree even killing someone. The man is suffering with an unpleasant cough that troubles him throughout the journey. He fears that he will not be able to protect the boy for long. The man “coughed all the time and the boy watched him spitting blood” (273). This infirmity foreshadows that the cough will play a role in the downfall of the man. For example, hiding in the woods from the oncoming cannibals,…

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