The Road Back From Childhood Trauma Essay

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The one thing I remember vividly from my childhood are the holes. During what was supposed to be a safe and restful naptime I dug into the wall with my tiny bare index finger. Over some unknown time period, those mysterious diggings developed into a fair likeness of the solar system. The trauma that any individual deals with, whether it is during childhood or adulthood, can turn out to be life-altering, specifically, when it hides far inside of the subconscious mind for many years. How does anyone climb out of that hole? During my journey to find the precious little girl with a buried identity but who never halted that innate drive to find the cause of what was ailing her beautiful mind, body, and soul; I unraveled the sheer and utter importance of self-compassion. The road back from childhood trauma, which may often not be discovered by the abused individual until many years later, may not only heal many wounds, but it offers a front row seat to teachings on how the brain functions in connection with life’s underlining and often extremely hurtful emotions. It can magically lead to a deep connection and compassion for other human beings and hence, similar journeys towards conceiving one’s own existence. The healing process, in conjunction with the practice of cultivating self-compassion, largely reduced my suffering and it may turn out to yield a major milestone in the research towards understanding humanity, altogether.
In consequence of my oppressed childhood trauma…

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