The Road Back And By Erich Maria Remarque Essay

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Confidently, I write to you in an effort to bring to your attention a novel that I believe will, in its reprint, aid a great number of students in their efforts to better understand the history of World War I. Erich Maria Remarque expertly wrote The Road Back and originally had it published in 1931 by Random House Trade Paperbacks in New York. Despite the success of the novel, its prequel All Quiet on the Western Front unintentionally dimmed it spotlight. I believe The Road Back can draw monumental success in its revival, but only with the assistance of you and your company. The Road Back exhibits an era in history, which disappears in the shadows between the two World Wars, it is an important part of the history of the world, and its reprint will help students studying this era better understand the full effect of the time period. To reaffirm the importance of this book and enhance the effects of what I am attempting to portray, I would like to start out by briefly refreshing your memory on World War I. The roots of World War I base themselves out of both an arms race and nationalist movements. There were festering problems between Germany and France, as France wanted revenge for its humiliation in 1870. Colonial rivalries also existed between the two nations, due to German pressure for what they believed was appropriate ‘compensation.’ As Germany and France continuously stared each other down, there was a rapprochement between England and Russia over colonial…

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