Essay on The Rising Cost Of A Higher Education

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Introduction/Problem Statement:
When it comes to the Federal Budget on Education, the idea for a decent education seems to be growing further and further away for those that come from low and middle class families. The rising cost of a higher education opportunity, is taking a negative toll on students and their parents. Along with that many families simply do not have the resources to cover the cost of a noble early childhood education program for their son or daughter.

The United States government has tried many programs to make an early childhood education program available to families. With arrangements, such as the Head Start program, child care tax credits, Child Care and Development Grants. Even with these programs in motion is still costing about “…$344 per month…” to “…$1,472 per month…” for a four-year old to have an early education or child care throughout the states (Inequality Showdown).

• The Head Start “…program has served 32 million children since 1965” (Inequality Showdown). It is at no charge to the participants and is able to offer the children and their families’ social services, health, and education.
• Child Care Tax Credits are able to diminish the amount of income tax that families owe. Which will also help them get a sizable tax refund. Child care tax credits are made able to and “…taken by over 6 million taxpayers” (Inequality Showdown). The idea and the way that this program works is by giving back money to the families that paid out…

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