Essay on The Rise Of The Decline Of Oil Process

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Analysts are contributing the mediocre increase to the dramatic decline in oil process which are down nearly 30% from July 2014. The Fed’s target inflation rate is 2% and will utilize interest rate variations to maintain stability in the price of goods. As seen in Figure 4, the U.S. inflation rate has historically averaged around 2%. However, over the last three years it has declined to near 0%, almost equal to the rate in the 2009 financial crisis.

While inflation rates are below the Fed’s 2% target and are not expected to have a substantial increase, experts are predicting the strong improvements in wages and the labor market could warrant a rate hike in September 2015 without causing economic pressures.
Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate plays a key role in the economy and has a strong impact on GDP and inflation rates. The BLS provides monthly statistics pertaining to the labor market which include, unemployment, job growth, productivity, prices, pay and benefits. The U.S. unemployment rate edged down to 5.1% with the number of unemployed persons decreasing to 8.0 million in August 2015, according to the BLS. This beat the economists forecast of 5.2% and compares to an unemployment rate of 6.1% in August 2014, equating to a 1% annualized decrease. Figure 5 depicts the gradual recovery since the recession of 2009 and charts the negative impact a recession has on the unemployment rate. According to the BLS, manufacturing and mining industries lost jobs…

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