The Rise Of The Communist Party Essay

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Historically, Chinese parents preferred larger families; often parents gave special treatment to their sons over their daughters. Dodge and Suter explain that this preference is on the grounds that males are able to carry on the family name which is important due to the cultural traditions of paying respect to ancestors (17). Another study states that “only boys can continue the patrilineal family line, girl babies are seen as financial burdens” (Liisanantti and Beese). Ling acknowledges that "Chinese families viewed a firstborn son to have a worth of about 1.85 years of income, while the first-born girl held a value of only about 0.43 years of income" (All Girls Allowed). Lebell contends that, “[a couple] [is] creating and reinforcing the universal perception that males are more important and therefore superior to females” (qtd. in Dodge and Suter 13). Up until the rise of the Communist Party, women held a lower position in society, often being called to serve the men.
Chairman Mao Zedong, founder of the People’s Republic of China and Chairman of the Communist Party, played a major role in the changing of China’s culture and population. Chairman Mao held a vision for China, he planned to change the Communist agenda to fit the Chinese view. Chairman Mao promoted many campaigns one being gender equality, the Great Leap Forward, and the other promoting larger families. Chairman Mao headed up the Great Leap Forward, a time for Chinese to revolutionize the way they were…

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