Essay The Rise Of The Civil War

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The decades following the Civil War were a time of explosive growth for the United States, by the end of the Nineteenth century American economic wealth dwarfed that of its former colonial overseers. With this growth came challenges, the growing disparity between the wealthy and the poor led to deplorable and unsafe working conditions as the demand for production and more wealth for business owners became a more powerful motivator than human life and safety. This increase in economic success had another effect, “immigrants were drawn into the booming economy and the growing cities, only to face ethnic discrimination, daunting poverty, and nativist legislation” these attitude led to terrible conditions for the working poor and consolidated their numbers into very poor district in major cities (TWE 375). In Chicago, where the Hull House was located, four out of every five people were foreign born.
The turn of the century found a great improvement in the roles women were able to play in the public sector. Many American women were living more active, public, individual and expressive lives than previous generations, “These women were prepared to make a major contribution to solving the problems that accompanied America’s new prosperity and place in the world” (TWE 375). The key factor preparing American women to take on more active and public lives was an increase in access to higher education, by 1890 more than a third of college seats were filled by women, this was impart…

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