The Rise Against The Catholic Church Essays

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Beginning in the early 16th century, a rise against the Catholic Church ensued as many influential Christian leaders began to teach against Catholic beliefs. In Germany specifically, a Reformation began in rebellion against the corruption and abuse of the Papacy. The Reformation opposed the catholic practices of collecting debts and the importance that they placed on Saints and icons. Martin Luther, the pivotal leader for the Reformation in Germany, expressed a need for rehabilitation within the church and created a new vision for Christianity. While it took many years and created controversy between Luther and the Catholic church, Luther’s teachings became more prominent, becoming the foundation for Protestantism. Although the Catholic Church was a significant influence throughout Europe, malpractice of the papacy’s power sparked a Reformation led by Martin Luther that resulted in the rise and wide spread practice of Protestantism that was too influential for the Catholic Church to minimize.
The Reformation in Germany started with the Age of Anxiety in the Holy Roman Empire. Beginning in the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church ruled over Christians with an iron fist with lists of rules and guidelines for behavior. Christians were under strict guidance from the church on how to live but were still scared of the wrath of God and many Christians were anxious about where they were going to go when they died. Because of this, they often named their children after Saints to help…

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