Essay on The Rights Of The Lgbtq Community

713 Words Nov 17th, 2016 3 Pages
Gay parenting is such an intense topic to discuss when it doesn’t have to be. Instead of being so consumed in protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and trying to ensure that they can do everything possible that their heterosexual counterparts can do, the focus and attention should be placed on the ones who truly matter: the children. In these arguments, often the child goes unnoticed when they are the ones that this decision will forever have an impact on. When a child is in a household where their parents are a different gender, there will be a great disconnect between the parents and the child. Thus, the child will end up feeling as though his or her parents do not understand their struggles (Sulins, 2016). For an example, two gays who are parenting a teenage daughter have never experienced a menstrual cycle. In the eyes of their teenage daughter, their perspectives help very little and serve no purpose in easing her pain. Yet, if there was a mother present in the household, she would be able to empathize and share her own testimonies that would ease the mind of the teenage girl. The same thing happens when a teenage boy is going through puberty or trying to find his way towards becoming a man. Although his mothers would help him the best that they know how, there is no role model or guidance from a male present in the household for that boy. These children in the end suffer from a great deal mentally (Loren, 2012). Because they feel as though no one in their…

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