Essay on The Rights Of Human Rights

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Overall, human rights are a claim or entitlement to life and the duty to protect that right, additionally, these rights should be reciprocal. In my opinion, the application of human right is a serious issue, and even in arguably the most progressive country in the world, U.S. society has been incredibly slow in making and abiding by reforms ensuring even some of the most basic of human rights. The most basic rights of all human beings should be access to clean water, healthy food, adequate shelter, and clothing. Equally, people have a right to education, health care, healthy working conditions, the pursuit of happiness, and the ways and means to raise a family. Nonetheless, controversy will always surround people’s concepts on what an individual or a nation has a right to do,
Violations of human rights can be complicated for several reasons such as multi-cultural issues, they are challenging to enforce, and not all violations are overt. Diversity, racism, and prejudice had long been sources within countries and transcends boundaries. It is not uncommon for two ethnic groups to have religious, territorial, or ancestral claims to coveted lands such as the incessant war between the Palestinians and Israelites over Jerusalem (Thompson, 2003, pp. 121-123). In addition, there can be dichotomies within religious or ethnic groups that have polarized core values, rivalries between families, different norms for genders, and tensions between those with resources and those who…

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